Thursday, April 24, 2014

National Friday League: Kick Ass Links

My friend is starting a multimedia sports-chatter zone called Sportzball, and I'll occasionally post sporty-but-not-Vikingy thoughts there. My first post: "Adults Need Trophies Too."

The most striking thing about the Vikings' schedule: that's a whole lot of 12:00.

According to Andrew Healy at Football Perspective, the Vikings are "the most unlikely loser since 1950:"

"The Vikings have 1.86 fewer championships than the 1.86 titles we would predict based on their strength and playoff positioning."

I mean... I don't even...

Via Deadspin, Best Ticket Blog looks at Google Search data to find each state's most popular athlete (Adrian Peterson for Minnesota) and the Vikes are the 5th most searched for NFL team.

I've always been an advocate of mock drafts not as predictors, but as the most efficient way to give people the relevant information about the draft. You basically need to know three things: 1. the draft order, 2. the top prospects, and 3. team needs. Is there a more efficient way to gain knowledge about those three categories than a mock draft? There is not. The convention of mock drafts is reasonable. The convention of giving out draft "grades" in the days after the draft is f***ing moronic, however. Anyway, here is Sports Illustrated's mock draft database.

Meg Ryan will be the voice of Future Sally on How I Met Your Dad (E). Will the Vikings win the Super Bowl before Sally meets her kids' dad? Discuss.

Here's a picture of a very early draft:
"Yeah, I'll take that guy. Hey you! You! You're on our team now."

It was a huge rebuilding year.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

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  1. PV:

    I laughed out loud when I read the "It was a huge rebuilding year" line.

    Do you think that's Tywin Lannister making that pick? Wrong royal family, I suppose, as it's the Starks that are in the middle of a huge rebuilding project ...