Sunday, December 1, 2013

Trailing Clouds of Heaven: Vikings 23, Bears 20 (OT)

It is on days like this that you really realize what is lost for fans during a lost season. Today's game should have been one of intense, back and forth emotion. There would be frustration (how are you letting one guy get a billion receiving yards?) and elation (the comeback). There would be awe (Adrian Peterson dragging us to victory yet again!) and perplexity (a penalty there?!?!?!?). When the game appears won and then is not, and the game appears lost and then is not, and then finally Adrian Peterson drags them there yet again and it is finally won.

Imagine what you would have felt today if the Vikes went into the game 6-5, even. This might go down as a truly memorable game: we'd be talking about bypassing the Hall of Fame waiting period and voting process, hell, bypassing the Hall of Fame itself, and just start carving Adrian Peterson's face into whatever rocky hillsides we could find in Minnesota (there are some!).

Instead the Vikings are 3-8-1, the Lions have everything set up for themselves to win the division, and this game is ultimately forgettable except as just one more example of Adrian Peterson heroically fighting to make a bad team compete.

We learn things (Greg Jennings might not be a long-term free agent bust if he gets competent quarterbacking), but we don't get the real passionate joyfulness.

That's what we've lost: even in a closely fought, interesting, back-and-forth, crazy game, we don't get passionate joyfulness.

Still, skol.


  1. Don't freak out ETR, but I believe that despite what we all saw Ponder and Cassel do today against the Bears, that if Ponder passes concussion protocol this week, he'll be starting next week against Baltimore. Frazier's been pretty consistent with this since the Josh Freeman debacle.

    What a wild, strange game today was by the way. Audie Cole might actually be for real. Xavier Rhodes is for real. I was a bit disappointed in Patterson as a receiver today. On the other hand, Floyd played his best football of the year in the second half. Baby steps.

    1. I give up, I can't even get mad any more. The only thing that makes sense is that Ponder gives them the best chance for a better draft pick. I thought for a minute there that Ellison was Spielman's mole.

  2. AP is simply the best! Nobody likes to see someone injured, but Ponder being out enabled the Vikings to win this game. Cassel "should" be the starter for the rest of the season. Jennings may not be a bust, good observation. He may be lacking a professional QB.

    1. Anon:

      Jennings certainly is lacking a professional QB and I don't think he will be playing with one next week in Baltimore. As I wrote above, if Ponder passes concussion protocol this week, I expect he'll be named the starter again.