Sunday, December 16, 2012

Trailing Clouds of Heaven: Vikings 36, Rams 22

The 2012 Viking season continues to remind me of the 2007 Viking season. After a disappointing previous season, few people had many expectations for the Vikings to win many games. They seemed to have a general lack of talent, were in the process of rebuilding, and were being led by an inexperienced, mobile QB who had shown some deficiencies throwing the ball.

But the Vikes came out better than anybody thought. Partly that was because the defense was better than expected: good against the run, but also opportunistic at forcing turnovers and scoring or putting the team in great field position. But also it was because of Adrian Peterson. In '07 and in '12, nobody was quite sure what we had in Peterson, but we were hopeful. And both years, he tore into the league with reckless, powerful, motivated talent.

Adrian Peterson is obviously giving us his signature season, the one that shows once and for all that he belongs in conversations with Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, and the elite like. Today's game was his ninth 100 yard game of the season (and eighth straight), his sixth with 150 yards, and his second 200 yard game. He moves to 1,812 rushing yards for the season. He currently has a yards per carry number (6.27) that we haven't seen from a workhorse running back in a very long time. This is Jim Brown 1963, Barry Sanders 1997 level stuff. And he's doing it every which way: make-you-jump-up-and-scream long runs mixed with consistent grinding runs. It could not be more fun to watch. This is the season that, if for some wild reason Adrian Peterson retired this offseason, already pushes him into the Hall of Fame, in my opinion. And if the Vikings do make the playoffs, it will be a season worthy of an MVP trophy.

As in '07, the Vikings just moved to 8-6.  It's not easy from here, as the Vikings go to Houston and host the Packers in the final weeks. And they'll have to beat those teams without a professional passing attack.

But as always, enjoy the Ws when they come, because sometimes they don't come.



  1. I hope GB and Houston will start resting their starters : ) Oh and I think you mean 1997. How awesome would it be to see Peterson set the record against GB... hah then we beat them in the Wild Card!!! One can dream

  2. The Vikings are currently the 6th seed. Wow. How many different scenarios allow them to steal a wildcard spot at this point? Washington winning the East would be a big help, it seems.

    1. Peter:

      Kevin Seifert lays it out in this link:

  3. Funny as it was to watch Seattle beat the Peckers on the bad call, it may hurt our wild card chances.
    Do you think the Peckers would lay down and let someone set a record? Maybe they can get Favre to play some defense and lay down like he did for Strahan.