Thursday, December 20, 2012

National Friday League, Week 16

Vikings-Texans Preview

The 12-2 Texans are beatable. Very beatable.  I'd like to share with you the Texans' point differential over the last six games, and talk about their potential weaknesses. Unfortunately, the Vikings are not the sort of team that can best compete with them. In fact I think the Vikes match up pretty terribly with Houston.

Good passing teams have been able to exploit the Texan secondary--unfortunately, well, you know.  And let's add that Percy Harvin, who has played in 9 of 14 games this season, has 27 more receptions than any other Viking WR right now. There is no Viking who can beat the Texans deep, so it will be on Adrian Peterson for another heroic effort to make the offense work.

And the Vikings' big weakness--stopping big, athletic WRs--is likely to get exploited by Andre Johnson, who could destroy us Sunday (though twice this year the Vikes were torched by a similar WR and still won).

The Texans are a team that can sit on the lead, with a deep running game and dominating defensive  pass rush. The Vikes will need to compete early if they are going to compete at all. The Texans actually rank in the top seven in offensive points and yards and defensive points and yards, while the Vikings don't rank higher than 14 in any of those categories.

All this means that AP is once again called on to carry the Vikings. But that's no occasional event: at this point, that's a reasonable possibility any week. The defense barely matters this season: Adrian Peterson is running crazy on everybody, and the only thing that holds him back is whether the rest of the Vikings are keeping the team in the game.

May Adrian Peterson never have another season like this again.
I'll be happy if Adrian Peterson averages 6.3 yards per carry for the rest of his career, but if he's also rushing for this many yards, it probably means the Vikings are not very good at passing, and that probably means the Vikings aren't very good. I'll be happy if this season is Adrian Peterson's career high in rushing yards (it's also good that in this career, record-threatening year, he's actually not approaching a dangerously high number of carries), and that in the future his running prowess is complimented by an effective passing game.

The Commercial Life
Evidently Arby's thinks it is critically important that a sandwich shop slice its meat in-store. It's some sort of atrocity that robots would slice the meat in a different location then ship it to Subway. What, does Arby's want Subway to slaughter the animals right there in its little stores too? Somewhere, somebody is chopping hunks of meat off of an animal and sending it somewhere else. But evidently Arby's is superior because somebody chops off that hunk of meat, then sends it to Arby's where an employee (in an industry with high turnover, this employee may be young, inexperienced, and low-paid) puts it through a slicer to chop it up even more. That's apparently...what, safer? Healthier?  Tastier? I've got no f*#%ing idea, and neither do you, because Arby's doesn't have shit to say about why it's better to have a chunk of meat sent to Arby's to be sliced up further rather than to have a chunk of meat sent to a factory to be sliced before being sent to Subway where the low-paid worker only has to lay it on the bread. I'll admit the vagaries of meat preparation are, um, not my area of knowledge or concern, but are these commercials repulsively stupid, or is it just me?

Have a safe and happy time, everybody.


  1. LOL!!! Now is Arby's using a stainless steel slicing apparatus? Is the steel organic and free range? Sounds pretty hipster slicing the meat in store... but I'm still not gonna eat there : )

  2. I think the Vikings best hope is that Schaub has one of his patented "off" games and that the Texans passing attack doesn't find footing. they've won games jus by running or defense or special teams before, but they'll have trouble winning one like that against the Vikings.

    MN's special teams is quite good this year, Peterson can out-rush the almighty vegan, and, like you mentioned, defense doesn't matter during AD's Year Of Destiny.

    I hope the pass rush shows up early and often, and I hope Minny finds some sort of return TD - then the Vikes just could do it. This is how I think as a fan. My money's on Houston, though.

    1. Hard to see how the Vikings beat the Texans on the road (or at home, for that matter), but perhaps this team has one more surprise for us. The good news is a loss doesn't eliminate the Vikes from playoff contention, depending on what happens in other games.

    2. Yeah, I'm going to need to look at all of the scenarios that allow a Vikings loss this weekend before the game.

      You've chosen a good word in "surprise". Minnesota needs to do something akin to what happened with the 49ers earlier in the year.

      So long as AP gets 100+ (I'm hoping for 120) I'll be happy.