Sunday, November 11, 2012

Trailing Clouds of Heaven: Vikings 34, Lions 24

Vikings-Lions Box Score (Yahoo!)

It is nice that in the final Vikings-Lions game ever played in the Metrodome, the Vikings continued a tradition by beating the Lions in the Metrodome. The Vikings played a complete game, performing soundly in every area.

Without Percy Harvin, the Vikings needed to find a passing game with other receivers, and they found it. It started early with Jarius Wright, and you can't underestimate how important it is for the Vikings to find a dynamic young wide receiver. Wright did little after the first drive, but showed promise. And the Vikes made a clear effort to involve Kyle Rudolph more, throwing to him nine times, which he turned into a 7-64-1 day.

Defensively, the Vikings had a gamer's effort at containing the Lion passing game. The Lions are a team that try chuck it deep mostly whenever they want, and today they were very successful at it (Calvin Johnson did have 207 yards). But the Vikings contested passes, hit receivers hard, and tackled well to prevent yards after the catch.

But once again, it is Adrian Peterson playing brilliantly. With 171 yards rushing today, Peterson has averaged 157.25 rushing yards over his last four games. Today he got help from the passing game, so the Vikes scored 34 points.

At 6-4 going into the bye week, the Vikings have been inconsistent but competitive. But now they've given us just enough hope they can compete to the very end of the season. The final stretch of the year has the chance for excitement rather than despair.

Skol, friends! The Vikings beat the Lions in Thunderdome.


  1. This is the type of game we needed to see from Ponder. No mistakes. Hit the guys that are open (although he did misfire on a few throws). Make a couple of key throws and don't look like a deer in the headlights in the pocket.

    He wasn't outstanding, but he was efficient. When AD is running like he has been, the offensive line is pass and run blocking effectively and the defense can get a couple of stops, the Vikings can win.

    Biggest thing for me in this one is I actually saw Ponder set his feet in the pocket and when pressured a bit, move up in the pocket calmly to avoid that pressure and make some throws. The O-line did a nice job protecting him as well, although the Detroit defense isn't elite by any stretch.

    And I hope the Vikings give Jarius Wright another shot against the Bears. He'll give us more than Jenkins, Aromashodu or Burton.

  2. Good performance on both sides of the ball, but holy hell. You never know which carry will be the one that gets you jumping off the couch. Amazing just doesn't do him justice.

    Matt Kalil is turning into a monster too. That's peace of mind for the next 10 years at the second or third most crucial position. I'm happy for Jarius Wright but confused as to why he hasn't played sooner. Oh well, good vibes going into the bye.

    1. ETR:

      Agreed on Kalil. What I liked about Sunday's performance was that he seemed to be run blocking well also, which hasn't been his strength this year. The guy is so athletic. He can get to the second and third level of those outside runs and screens like nobody's business. It is going to be a relaxing bye week.