Thursday, November 22, 2012

National Thanksgiving League

Vikings-Bears Preview
The Vikings' chances of winning a game at Soldier Field are roughly horseshit to dogshit. It doesn't matter how good or bad the Vikings or Bears are. It doesn't matter if the Chicago QB is lousy. It will take transcendence from AP for the Vikes to win, and even then they might not. The last time the Vikings won at Soldier Field, Peterson had TD runs of 67, 73, and 35 yards, but the Vikings nearly blew the game by letting the immortal Brian Griese come back against them, but ultimately won when kick returner Adrian Peterson set up a closing field goal.

It doesn't matter how bad the Bears looked Monday (very, very bad).

As a Viking fan, I've been pretty incorrigible. I can convince myself any year that this is the year the Vikes win the Super Bowl, and I believe it until they are eliminated from playoff contention. But Soldier Field has broken me. Too many years I was convinced the Vikings were the better team (they often were) and would beat the Bears at Soldier Field, and too many times in too many ways I cursed for three hours before watching the Vikings walk off the field with a loss. I still believe the Vikes can win the Super Bowl this year: I'm willing to set myself up for disappointment and heartbreak. But not when it comes to Soldier Field. I expect to lose, I expect to lose ugly, and if the rare miracle of a Soldier Field win happens, then I'll just bask in exuberant stupid joy.

Other Interesting Games
Week 12 Games

Lions-Texans. After playing 72 minutes of football Sunday, the Texans get to go on the road and play Thursday morning. Good times. Since Gary Kubiak is trying to destroy Arian Foster's body and ruin a bunch of people's 2013 fantasy seasons early, I still expect Foster to get 28 carries.

Cowboys-Washington. If you have any Cowboys on your fantasy team, then you have grown to hate the Dallas offensive line.

Giants-Packers. Aaron Rodgers has been sacked 32 times, or 8.3% of his pass attempts. Eli Manning has been sacked 12 times, for a league-best 3.2%. This partly reflects the teams' offensive lines, but it also shows one of those often overlooked aspects of quarterbacking, since quarterbacks do have a major role in avoiding sacks. In a game featuring defenses very good at rushing the passer, that advantage at QB could be the difference in the game. Watch to see if Rodgers ends up taking a lot of sacks, and if Manning is able to avoid taking sacks.

49ers-Saints. Another NFC playoff rematch.

Oh, blasphemers! 
The unclean are soiling the holy of holies! How can the unworthies with put their grubby hands on sacred relics? How dare they commit sacrilege against such revered blessed objects? The sin, the sin! (Pro Football Talk).


  1. PV:

    It's funny how things turn around. The Vikings are 1-9 at Soldier Field under Tice/Childress/Frazier. But under Dennis Green, they owned the Bears at Soldier Field – going 8-2 under him there, including five wins in a row from 1996-2000. Frazier should dial up Green today and ask him to stand on the sidelines or something on Sunday. Get the Green Soldier Field vibes going.

  2. Shits-burgh, boohoo. I can't wait until my team had 6 SB wins and all I have to complain about is nonsense like this. Give Tomlin back, you bastards.