Sunday, November 25, 2012

Coming Off the Ledge

Dear National Football League,

On behalf of all Minnesotans who travel over Thanksgiving break, I have a simple request. Please schedule the Vikings' annual game at Soldier Field for the Sunday after Thanksgiving each year. This way, Viking fans who travel don't need to worry about watching the game. We'll know exactly how the game is going to go, and we won't want to watch it, so we'll make our plans for trains, plains, and/or automobiles for Sunday afternoon with no regard for the Viking game.

The game is just going to feature perplexing turnovers, overmatched special teams, inept passing, bad officiating that is essentially negated by the fact that the Vikes never had a chance anyway, frighteningly bad pass defense, and players and coaches staring at what is happening as if it is completely beyond them how to do anything about it.

So please, let the Vikings play the Bears at Soldier Field every Sunday after Thanksgiving. We can concentrate on packing, get on the road quickly, settle back in at home, and vaguely look at a score to see just how bad it got.

Thank you,

Minnesota Viking fans who travel over Thanksgiving break


  1. So true. No big surprises yesterday, it was the same old story. Fox turned off the game in my area in the second half to go to a "more competitive contest", I had to run home to catch it on Direct TV. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, but they did have the early chance to take momentum and totally blew it. I think I hate the WR's (excluding Wright) this year as much as I hated the secondary last year. Great game by the refs too. And I can't think of a better snapshot of our defense than getting bitched by Jay Cutler and then taunted. Can't get off the field, don't scare anyone, toothless. One sack against that makeshift line? Finally, it is pretty tough to win a division with the 4th best quarterback, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

  2. I often don't get home from church until shortly before halftime and so I record the game and watch it after it's over - but I didn't do that this week. Somehow I knew I'd be extra frustrated about watching the whole thing.

    1. I wish I had done that. And you gotta get your church to change their service time to 10 a.m. or something on Sundays. God realizes we have Vikings football to watch.

    2. ha ha - yeah. There's a 10 and an 11:30 - I was playing bass for both.

      Usually I record, but Vikings games in Chicago? Nah.