Sunday, September 9, 2012

Halftime Adjustments: Week one edition

During halftime of every Vikings game this season (that's the intention, anyway), TBird and myself will post some quick thoughts about what we've seen so far in the game. It might be good. It might not. But we're going to give it a try. TBird's away for the first two games and unable to participate, so I'm flying solo today. Here's what I think I think from the first 30 minutes of the Vikings-Jaguars tilt:

* Vikings run defense looks weak up the middle. Letroy Guion, Kevin Williams, Jasper Brinkley must do more. It's tough to play defense when it's always second-and-four.

* Liked what I saw from Josh Robinson so far with tackling. He isn't big but sticks his nose in there and is willing. Mistral Raymond should take notes.

* How does Adrian Peterson look? A bit tentative at first, but on the TD drive we saw him running more like Adrian Peterson normally runs. Is it me though, or is that special Peterson burst not there?

* Christian Ponder was a mess before that last TD drive. Antsy in the pocket, throwing it to opposite jerseys, not accurate on his throws. We'll see if he figures it out in the second half.

* Chris Cook needs to stay on the field. Period. I don't want Robinson and Brandon Burton out there with Winfield.

* The Vikings D-line isn't getting much heat on Jags Blaine Gabbert. But some of that has to do with the down-and-distance situations. The Vikings are rotating their D-lineman as promised. Maybe it will pay dividends in the fourth quarter as Brian Robison, Jared Allen, and Kevin Williams won't be as gassed.

* Did John Carlson show up today? And, Bill Musgrave, feed the ball to Percy Harvin as much as you can. He's pretty good. 

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  1. Agree on Robinson - that's encouraging.

    AP ran strong and with good vision, but there were a couple times where he didn't look as quick as he has in the past. Hopefully that will return as his knee continues to heal. Gerhart had one very nice carry-he's a nimble guy. Efficient runner.

    Yeah, Cook needs to play a lot of snaps. Vikings haven't got their money's worth out of him yet. Play, play, play.

    Never even noticed Carlson on the field. Would like to at least see defenses have to account for him.

    Jags looked like the better team early, but signs of life from MN!