Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Percy's Trade Request

Well now. This is interesting--Percy Harvin would like to be traded. It's not that surprising, since Harvin has been making noise about wanting a contract extension, but it's not a good thing. There are a few things to consider:

  • Harvin is pretty much the only proven mismatch the Vikings' have in the passing game, aside from Jerome Simpson (and he's better than Simpson). This makes him really valuable to the Vikings. As Pro Football Focus pointed out on Twitter, the Vikings' quarterbacks combined for a QB rating of 97.2 on throws to Percy last year while sporting a 70.1 and 82.9 rating overall. Harvin also caught 71.9% of the passes thrown his way last year. He's obviously the kind of player you want when you are developing a young quarterback. He's also the kind of player you want when you are developing rookie wide receivers since he'll be the focus of defense's coverage schemes.
  • The Vikings only have Harvin under contract until 2013. If they handle this situation poorly, Harvin will leave when he is a free agent. That means that if they handle this situation poorly, Percy Harvin won't be a part of the next good Vikings' team. It would also mean that the next good Vikings' team is even further away because the Vikings' turned one of their assets into nothing. 
  • Another thing to consider is whether Harvin will even last more than two years. While he has only missed three games in the last three years, he is a small guy, listed at 5'11 and 184lbs. He also has migraine problems. This may have contributed to why he only played 58.5% of the Vikings' offensive snaps last year (the alternative explanation is that the Vikings' offensive coaching staff isn't creative enough to figure out how to use him more often, which is actually more worrisome than Harvin leaving the Vikings and *lalalalala I can't hear you*). It's very possible that the Vikings don't expect him to still be on the team in 2014, whether because he won't re-sign or because he's broken down physically. It would explain why they drafted a similar player, Jarius Wright, this year
Regardless of whether the Vikings' expect Harvin to be around after his contract expires, they need to find a way to smooth things over with him. The worst thing they can do is end up in a contract dispute with Harvin that leaves them with no option except trading him. Percy might not be a part of the next good Vikings' team, but letting him leave for nothing, or next to nothing, will only serve to prolong the time the Vikings' spend looking up at the rest of the teams in the NFC North. 


  1. TBird:

    Welcome back. Well, I've been complaining there hasn't been much to write about lately. Harvin solved that problem.

    Without Harvin, the Vikings passing game would very much resemble what we had in 2006-2007. As much as everybody talked last year about Peterson being the focal point of the Vikings offense, I thought Harvin was the real focal point - even before Peterson got hurt.

    This is a strange development because it appears like it's not strictly contract related and the Vikings are claiming this came out of nowhere.

  2. I saw a blip in a daily email I get from FootballGuys(dot)com about Harvin having a vague complaint:

    Source: - Tom Pelissero

    Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin (shoulder), as an update to previous reports, said he has different issues that he is unhappy with. 'It's hard to try to tell you guys without telling you guys,' he said to the Minnesota media Tuesday, June 19. Harvin has base salaries of $915,000 in 2012 and $1.55M in 2013 left on his contract, plus workout bonuses of $27,500 in each year.

    This sucks. Harvin is awesome. Although, perhaps he'll only be an effective player for a couple/few more years anyway. Although, if that's the chance, I'd like to see him get a shot on a good team before his career ends.

    Can you imagine if the Patriots had gotten him the year MN drafted him? Remember those rumors? That could've been ridiculous. Harvin being thrown to by Brady, and flanked by 2 of the top 5 TEs in the league... insanity.