Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Vikings Weekly Wrap – Mother's Day edition

From the ESPN family this week, we get two very different articles about Vikings owner, Zygi Wilf.

Kevin Seifert views Wilf as a patient man, who didn't use the relocation threat card to get a new stadium for the team, and who was finally rewarded for his patience.

Patrick Reusse has his own take, and points out Wilf is actually putting down very little of his own money to build the $975 million stadium and shouldn't be viewed as a sympathetic figure.

I don't think there are any heroes or villains in this story. Wilf made a deal that will increase the value of his franchise and make it more profitable, which you would expect. The politicians delayed making a decision on this matter until they had to, which you would expect.

I think the debate that's surrounded the Vikings stadium journey was worrisome and annoying for the fans, but better there be a healthy public airing on the wisdom of using taxpayer dollars to build a stadium than none at all.

I'm glad to see this issue put to rest. There isn't much need to write about it anymore.

Now it's time for the Vikings and their fans to focus on the fun stuff – like can Christian Ponder improve in year #2? How much better will the secondary be in 2012? Can Adrian Peterson possibly regain his pre-knee injury form? How will Alan Williams fare as defensive coordinator?

Those are the things I like thinking about and writing about. I don't like thinking about or writing about stadiums.

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  1. "I don't like thinking about or writing about stadiums."

    yeah. burnt out on the whole stadium thing. let's predict the Vikings record this year! I think they'll go 5-11. hrm.