Thursday, April 26, 2012

The NFL draft - it's almost here!

The big day has come.

It's draft night for the NFL (the first round anyway), and Viking fans are wondering whom the team will pick with the #3 overall pick - or whether the club will even be picking at #3 at all.

We've written about the draft a lot here at Kick Ass Blog, and we'll continue to write about over the next four days. Tonight, I'll be tweeting the hell out of the draft coverage, so follow me @KickassblogVike to get regular updates on the developments during the first round. We'll also have a post up on the site commenting on the Vikings selection, as well as commentary and analysis of the rest of the draft as it unfolds throughout the weekend.

And for what it is worth, here is a seven-round mock draft to get you juiced for the draft. It's an important one for the rebuilding Vikings.


  1. Excited!

    I'm hoping the Bucs are buying what the Vikes are selling and will swap picks to get Claiborne so MN can get Kalil at five and have some extra ammo in the draft.

    I've also read of a scenario where St Louis jumps up from 6 to get Richardson before Cleveland can, and the MN has a shot at Kalil at 6.

    So here are my preferences:

    1) Kalil at 6
    2) Kalil at 5
    3) Kalil at 3
    4) Claiborne at 6
    5) Claiborne at 5
    6) Claiborne at 3

    1. Wonder what we'd get for moving down three spots. Can't wait to see how it turns out (unless the Vikings completely blow it).