Friday, April 13, 2012

KAB makes a guest appearance at The Daily Norseman site

If you're a Minnesota Vikings fan who frequents the blogs out there about the team, there is a decent chance you've read The Daily Norseman now and then. It's without a doubt the most visited Vikings blog out there and it provides fans with tasty, daily content on all things related to the Minnesota Vikings.

I recently approached the blog's boss man - Christopher Gates - about the possibility of doing the odd guest post for the site. I'm all about collaborating these days, both with PV and TBird on this site and with other blogs - like these ones I've done (here and here) for Vikings Territory

Mr. Gates was gracious enough to accept my offer and my guest blog on his fine site has gone live. It's about drafting quarterbacks and how ...., well, I won't spoil it for you. Just read about it here.


  1. Thanks Malte. Keep stopping by the site.

  2. Exciting! Hopefully this will add more people to the ongoing discussion here at KAB.

    1. That was a fun read. Seems like you put a lot of thoguht into the tiers. I found myself scoffing at first when Culpepper was put in the same company as Eli Manning and a few others, but then I realized I was allowing my emotions to paint Pep in a bad light and I have forgotten about Eli's turnover-laden career in the early years.

      Sticking Stafford in the tier you did seemed off at first two, but given his body of work as a whole so far vs. where many of us think he will go in the next several years, I can see why you did it.

      My favorite part of reading the post was that I felt reassured that the Vikings aren't necessarily missing out by having not gotten the 1st or 2nd QB in last year's draft (and not getting either in this year's either). I remember everyone swooning over Leinhart and Young before their draft, and I found myself wishing the Vikings could get their hands on a Leinhart kind of guy. Thank goodness that didn't happen.

      I just hope the Vikings have the patience to be sure about Ponder either way before making a long-term decision on him. They had plenty of patience with Tarvaris, that's for sure.

    2. A few posters at the DN don't agree with Culpepper being in tier #2. Granted, he had a couple of rough seasons with the Vikes, but his big years, we're really big and he was considered one of the elite during that time, especially with his running ability. I think he deserves to be there.

      I couldn't rank Stafford higher based on one fabulous year. It wasn't a indictment of his talent, though.