Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 2: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Day 2 of the Draft
After so much movement Thursday night, it was a little easier to believe Rick Speilman say that the Vikings weren’t planning on moving back into the second round. And whether or not they tried to trade up, the Vikings ended up standing pat, trusting that one of the cornerbacks or wide receivers they liked would fall all the way to the 63rd pick. And their instincts were correct—they ended up getting a pretty exciting prospect in Josh Robinson, someone who with the right coaching could become a real force at corner in the NFL. Whether he gets that coaching, we’ll see, but you can’t really complain about a draft where the Vikings have managed to upgrade their talent level at left tackle, safety and corner back.

Wide Receivers
One would assume that the Vikings are going to draft a wide receiver with one of their three 4th round picks. Then again, maybe they should wait until the 7th round. Of Football Outsiders’ top fifteen receivers last year by DYAR, ten were taken in the first three rounds and five were drafted in the last round or went undrafted. Then again, Brandon Marshall, the 16th best receiver by DYAR was drafted in the 4th round, so maybe that’s just an arbitrary endpoint (and considering 4th rounder Brandon Lloyd ranked 2nd in DYAR last year, I’d say it’s an arbitrary endpoint.)

Possible Targets
If you’re looking for some ideas of who might be a good pick for the Vikings, Wes Bunting of the National Football Post and Mocking theDraft have some ideas for you (and check out Darren's interview with Bunting from Friday). Personally, I think the Purple should draft a punter—the top three guys are still available! I'll have more valuable insights like that on Twitter today-can't get it anywhere else.

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  1. Ha! A punter. When you wrote that I couldn't help thinking about Eddie "The Leg" Johnson.