Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Vikings Weekly Wrap

Where Kick Ass Blog discusses some of the more relevant stories that broke this week when it comes to the Vikings.

Washington Strikes (and how that affects the Vikings draft plans)

The St. Louis Rams have done it. They have officially destroyed my dream of the Vikings trading out of the number #3 draft slot, acquiring extra picks and still getting USC left tackle Matt Kalil.

I guess there is still a chance the Vikings could pull it off, but it's looking less likely, and I've probably written enough about this "Vikes trade down and get Kalil" issue. I am now done with it (maybe). Lucky you.

Again with Randy Moss

There are some reports out there that Ole' 84 had a pretty good workout with the New Orleans Saints this week and is headed to San Francisco for another one.

Despite often acting like a dick, my man-crush on Moss has never waned.

Another stint in Minnesota was out of the question. A team beginning a huge rebuilding job, with a second-year head coach and a shaky quarterback situation, is not the place for Moss.

But where adding him has the best chance to work is a place like New Orleans. Think of it: an established coach who won't put up with any of Randy's bullshit; an elite quarterback who can get him the ball; a team that will contend for the playoffs and a Super Bowl; and an offence with multiple receiving options besides Moss. If I was Moss, I'd be paying the Saints to sign me. The club is his best option to rehabilitate his reputation and buff up his Hall of Fame credentials, as well as set himself up for another lucrative payday in 2013.

Wait for it ....

Vikings fans are waiting anxiously for free agency to start on March 13 so we can begin to see how, exactly, this sorry team is going to rebuild.

But as Andy Benoit writes, one team's releasee isn't always another team's treasure.

The line that stands out to me in Benoit's piece is when he writes:
"The teams that bank heavily on improving through free agency are the ones that fail."

The Vikings cannot be one of those teams. There is no quick fix to what ails this team. It needs to add talent at almost every position. So I see no reason for general manager Rick Spielman to throw money at several "big name" free agents. I'll be happy if the team doesn't make a big splash Tuesday and instead addresses a need with one big signing (Vincent Jackson or Brandon Carr - but not both - seems reasonable), plus a couple of mid-level pickups of guys with potential upside (like Early Doucet or Martellus Bennett). That would be a good start to the rebuilding effort.

Hutchinson, Herrera and Griffin

The expected happened on Saturday as the Vikings released Steve Hutchinson, Anthony Herrera and Cedric Griffin. Will they be missed? Probably not.

Hutchinson and Herrera were two-fifths of the worst offensive line in football and Griffin managed to get benched for a time while playing on one of the worst secondaries in NFL history. These units can't sink much lower than they already have, and if both units continue to suck in 2012, I'd rather they suck using young guys with the potential to improve rather than with old guys who are only going to get worse.


  1. All three of those guys had their good days with the Vikings (Hutchinson in particular is a big reason for the best rushing attack in franchise history in '07 and '08), but their time is certainly past, and it is right for the Vikes to move on.

  2. Vikes Geek appears to disagree with you, in his March 9 post. I say lets you and him fight.

    1. Anon 8:20:

      Dropping the gloves with VG is pointless as he never admits he is wrong.

  3. PV:
    I realize now I probably sound a tad ungrateful for what the trio did for the team. I always liked Herrera. A UFA and a brawled. He made the most of his ability.

    Griffin drove me crazy early on but he did become good corner until his knees failed him.

  4. Griffin and Hutch seem like smart releases, although it would feel less suprising than it should if Griffin should go on to be a great corner somewhere else. I'm not sure about Herrera - did he have an expensive contract? I thought he was a decent player at a decent price, but I could easily be wrong. That's my unresearched opinion.

    It'll be fun to watch the fireworks on Tuesday.

    Too bad the Vikes didn't have that #2 pick. Three first round picks and a second round pick? Wow.

    1. Peter:

      Tom Pelissero wrote something recently saying Herrera might be brought back, but at a substantial discount. We'll see. It's hard to tell on TV, but what I read on him - mostly from Pelissero's weekly grades - was that he really struggled last year. It's time to move on.

      Griffin played well in his final game against the Bears last season. But the Bears don't have a Murderer's Row of wide receivers and Josh McCown was the QB, so I'm not sure what that means.

    2. Yeah, Griffin's performance against the Bears certainly isn't enough to decide to keep him. I wish him success in the future, but it would sting if Minnesota can't fix their secondary in the next couple years.

      I'm excited about the offensive line. I think Sullivan did much better in 2011 than 2010. I was upset when Birk left, but Sullivan has grown into the role nicely. With him and Loadholt and Kalil on the line, things are looking up. I'll be interested to see how ol' Charlie does replacing Hutch at LG. Minnesota might as well put a decent, bargain journeyman at RG and pick up some decent blocking TE to help the right side of the line on passing plays. Ponder's mobility helps.